alright guys, i freaking love dancing.


guys guys guys!!

i needa get on the dance floor more often cuz whoooohooooo what a release!  i can’t stop smiling when i dance.  i’m so in my element!  come dance with me to find out ..  if you can keep up, that is 😉  i felt so relaxed, comfortable, and social the whole night.  so proud of myself!

yo downtown san jo was crackalackin’ tonight!! i was frustrated with how much traffic there was on 280 going to the SJ area around 7ish.  that’s when i realized there was a freaking justin bieber concert at the SAP center…oh gosh.  there were so many ppl selling bieber apparel, etc.  way too crowded and loud, but i totally scored with parking at a flat rate of $5 for the night.

i’m super pumped cuz i had an irish car bomb for the first time tonight and some green beer!  good booze.  good grub.  good dancing.  good bonding.

if college involves parties with booze and dancing (which is exactly how i remember it), sign me UPPPP.  the rest of college sounds fun too, cuz i’m studying something i’m passionate about this time around – creative writing.

guys have a great night! rest well and sleep tight!  i love you all. friiiiiday tmrw wow..busy day ahead before the weekend kicks in.




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