YOOOO people need to back up

personal bubble

you ever meet someone who invades your personal bubble every time they see you?  you try your best to ignore them and walk past the whole situation, but they make it virtually impossible to do so, because they’ll scream your name from like 50 yards away until they get close enough so that you just can’t deny their presence otherwise you would be causing a scene.  or they’ll wait outside your bathroom stall a little too closely and just hover around you.  or they’ll find really random excuses to strike up conversations with you, and you walk away thinking wtf was that all about.  they are flippin WEIRD!!! YOU WEIRDOS!!!  friendship cannot be forced or imposed on someone, not mine at least.  please stop embarrassing yourself.. for both of our sakes.

bottom line is:  people need to stay out of other people’s personal space and bubbles.  people should not be invasive and inconsiderate – blindly seeking attention.  people need to have dignity and class.  go about life the right way, before you lose all the right people.

peace, yo.



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