this is getting ridiculous.

oval office

guys, tell me this isn’t ridiculous:  i just had a dream last night that i was called into the oval office for a 1-1 meeting with the president himself.  after getting through security, i was finally able to enter the white house.  going into the meeting, i had absolutely no idea what it was supposed to be about, nor was i nervous for it.  it all seemed very natural.  as it turns out, the president wanted to personally tell me to start dating people.  i’m like are you kidding me.  do you have any idea how many people are telling me this same thing in real life and now the president is telling me himself?  how ridiculous is that!

this dream certainly adds a sense of urgency to the whole process.  maybe it is time to mix and mingle.  it couldn’t hurt, right?  the fact that it was the president himself telling me this might imply that this might be more significant than i think.

what a silly, silly dream tho…whatever.  it’s time to shake it off and get back to work!

tgif, y’all!





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