wow, i guess i lost 13 lbs.

so guys, it looks like i’ve lost 13 lbs.  how did i do it?  tbh, by eating a ton of godiva milk chocolates, rips licorice candies, and those costco european cookies.  nom.

iono whatever, i’ll take it.  it’s good timing, because i’ll be heading to school this fall as long as some of these UCs actually accept me.

speaking of, literally no one has anything bad to say about santa barbara.  i get more hyped thinking about it every additional day.  it’s crazy how many people have either spent time in SB or know someone that has or is.  i guess california’s a smaller state than i thought, especially seeing as SB is smack dab in the middle of the bay and LA/SD.  apparently, SB has a really tight-knit community and being there can be addicting.  everyone knows each other there and once you visit sb, you def wanna go there.  and then once you get there, you wanna move there permanently.  sign me up!!  so ready.  let’s see if i get “addicted.”  up for the challenge.  let’s go to the beeeeach!  my dad has already said that he will bring pierre to come see me.  how cute is that – my mom, dad, and dog roadtripping to see me!  d’awwwwwww.  i look forward to the drive myself.  i’ll finally have a reason to check out hearst castle cuz it’s in the same general direction.

keep my college admissions in your prayers, please.  really wanna go back to school now.  it’s just a few months away.  let’s just hope all these UCs have received all my forms, transcripts, and applications.  i keep fearing something will go terribly wrong, but realistically, i should be getting into at least one or two.  don’t wanna jinx it!




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