selfish people will always be selfish, trust me.

hey guys,  gonna warn you that this post gets serious, because i care about you all…  so here goes:


once selfish, always selfish.  selfish people will always be selfish; it’s in their inherent nature, so don’t even doubt it for once after you’ve detected the despicable trait in someone you know.  in order to successfully protect yourself from all of these parasitic people in this big big world, you need to slap yourself in the face with the reality that there are many of them that exist right in your vicinity.  learn to identify who these people are before they do you any more damage.  you’ll find it gets easier and easier to pick up on selfishness the more experience you have learning to read people correctly.  open your eyes!!  don’t just look, but see and understand.  i don’t wanna scare you too much, but at the same time, i guess i really do want to scare you if that’s what it will take for you to see the light…or should i say to see the dark.

what you can do to protect yourself is to make the first time they show that side of them, the first and the last time.  don’t give them your attention, don’t even care about them regardless of how much they try to stroke your ego, and don’t think of them as anything more than minuscule ants who don’t deserve a place in your world.  they may exist around you, but they don’t have to exist with or even in you.  if you’re having doubts about who’s who in your life, start tracking the relationship – analyze the give and take.  are they really as great as you make them out to be in your head?  most of the time, no, because you don’t value yourself enough.  so i challenge you and dare you to dream for more… to dream for better… to stop being in denial of reality.  try to pick up a pattern in their actions, behaviors, and thoughts.  learn to keep your guard up.  if you don’t stand up for yourself, who will?  also if you don’t stand for anything, you’ll fall for anything.  don’t make it a habit to bend to other’s needs, for your own sake.  trust me, you will be left a very, very empty soul.  although the truth may be ugly, you have to accept it to properly take care of yourself.

selfish and narcissistic people are incredibly immature and only do what’s best for them.  they’re ruthless about it too.  i have a lot of experience with these people, which is why i’m completely numb to them now.  actually, they piss me off and annoy me now.  watching them in action is infuriating and almost disgusting.  their level of immaturity is almost intolerable for me.  i have to go to that happy place in my head, just so i don’t lash out at them.  i literally feel violent sometimes.  good thing i’m not much of an angry person and can contain negativity pretty well.  i definitely need to exercise some level of self control there tho…which just leads to me being passive aggressive.

i’m gonna stop there, and i apologize for a bit of a more serious post this time around, guys!  sometimes life is dark, what are ya gonna do about it?  we can’t just ignore this stuff.  it’s happening all the time, all around us.  i have an intrinsic need to expose the cruelties and ugliness of this world, so forgive my frankness if this post hit too close to home.  but hey the bright side is, life becomes so much more beautiful after you can separate the dark from the light… because then, you can simply choose to focus on the light and pay no mind to the dark.  so hang on!  hang in there!

consider sharing this post with people who you know struggle with addiction to selfish people.  maybe this will nudge them along in the right direction.

praying for you all to be freed of your chains.



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