you deserve the love you keep trying to give to everyone else.


hey guys!

i just read this beautiful quote on my friend’s facebook page and had to blog about it right away:  “you deserve the love you keep trying to give everyone else.”  i believe that this is so so true, and actually correctly contradicts the better-known saying “you accept the love you think you deserve.”

because…sometimes we don’t feel like we deserve much, do we?  however, we need to get out of that mindset and get rid of that mindset.  we don’t deserve scraps, and we don’t deserve leftovers; instead, we deserve someone’s all.  to avoid being cheated out of what we truly deserve, we need to create conditions and set expectations.  we don’t want to be left with whatever people decide to throw at us, which can sometimes be very, very little despite us misperceiving it as a lot in the moment.  this happens, because we tend to be blinded by people’s positive traits and overlook their immoralities.  not everyone is perfect, and most of us are far from it.  people don’t always have the time or focus to care about you, and you shouldn’t pour out effort that goes unnoticed or wasted.  we need to first know and decide exactly what we want before we can accurately identify it in someone else.

so if you’re a good person, and you sincerely care about everyone else, then you need to wait for people who can reciprocate that.  these people should help you place value in yourself and teach you how to do just that.  they will help guide you to see the treasure that others see in you.

find someone who matches you in your quest to heal others; find someone who cares about the same things you do; find someone who challenges you more than you challenge yourself; find someone who understands your priorities; find someone who makes you feel supported and cherished; and ultimately, find someone who can love you the way you love others.

…this may seem like a tall order, but it’ll be worth the wait once you find that perfect person!  in the meantime,  bless the broken road.



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