sometimes, you just want your ex to see.


hey guys good morning!

before i go any further, i’m gonna have you listen to this song first.  “ex to see” by sam hunt.  i don’t think there’s an official music video for it yet, sooo just deal with this lyrics video for now.  also just fyi from now on for your convenience, i’m gonna start linking youtube videos to the all the songs i mention, so it becomes easier for you to access and listen to.  i got yo back!  i’m all about that user-experience yanno 🙂

so just as sam hunt’s song talks about, there’s always that awkward phase of wanting your ex to see everything you’re up to, especially if you’re not half as devastated as you used to be and are seriously and actively trying to move on.  it’s only natural to have that feeling of wishing your ex were still around to be able to share in your happiness or sadness, and i think the more loyal of a person you are, the longer this phase will last.  but hey, that might actually be a good thing, because as they say:  revenge is a dish best served cold.  jk it’s not about revenge.

i personally struggle a lot with this idea.  i want certain people from my past to see how much i’ve improved, how much i’ve been able to work on myself, and how much i’m ready to move on…mostly to express some form of gratitude – to let them know that their efforts haven’t been wasted and in fact, that it is because of them that i am able to be where i’m at today – standing taller and prouder.  it’s reassurance that we have made all the right decisions in moving on.  personally, i think it’s only natural that it is a lot of faking it until we make it.  and to be honest, i’m still faking it most of the time, but that is okay.  i have to grieve.  i have to learn to let go.  and that can only come with time.  i can’t be too hard on myself for caring too much for someone else.

but yeah!  i like this sam hunt song, just like i like most of his other songs.  i just wish he were better at performing live;  i’d probably have more respect for him then.  stage presence is a pretty important component to an artist’s style and success.

bye guys!  have a great wednesday!




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