different friends for different situations

the good part about having a wide variety of friends is that you can have different go-to people depending on the situation you’re going through.  some people acknowledge and understand the struggle you’re going through, some ignore it, and some challenge you to be better and rise above “life.”  certain people are just going to be more compatible with you depending on their habits, perspectives, and overall personalities.  we all take care of each other in different ways.

it’s kind of like having an itunes library full of all different kinds of songs and being able to choose songs to listen to that fit your exact mood at the moment.  it’s good to have an extensive collection to pull from:  you might bust out some adele if you’re feeling nostalgic, some james bay if you’re feeling pensive, some eminem if you’re feeling angsty, some beyonce if you’re feeling soulful, some taylor swift if you’re feeing upbeat, some sam hunt if you’re feeling romantic, etc.  and all these songs and artists mean different things to you.  it’s not like one can substitute another; they all have different purposes and functions in your life.  you need to make room for them all.

“break up in a small town” by sam hunt … i wish you would listen to this, so you would know why i had to leave.  i would never have wanted you to feel this way, and i hope you don’t.

at the end of the day, i just want what’s best for you.





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