here’s the little that i know about the dr.luke/kesha situation.


so i don’t know much about this topic, cuz it infuriates me to read about it, and i don’t wanna get too emotionally involved with what goes on in the entertainment industry…but here’s what i do know.  dr. luke is really high up in the music industry, having been named best producer of the year, best songwriter of the year, and much much more.  you are definitely familiar with his work.  just to name some: “wide awake,” “teenage dream,” “hot n cold,” “california gurls,” “i kissed a girl,” “since u been gone,” “behind these hazel eyes,” “dynamite,” “magic,” “right round,” “party in the usa,” “who knew,” “u + ur hand,” etc etc etc.  point is, you know him even if you don’t think you know him.

so basically, it has been an ongoing case for years.  what happened is that people believed/believe that dr. luke is responsible for stunting kesha’s growth as an artist, causing kesha’s eating disorder, and repeatedly sexually assaulting her (rape and battery).

he denies it all of course, just like every other suspect always does.  and you know what, i’m proud of taytay for donating $250,000 to kesha, but it really isn’t much if you think about the severity of the situation.  it’s good tho, because it raises awareness to issues like this.  this is all blowing up right now, cuz dr. luke was just pardoned from all of these charges just this past week.  kesha is partly to blame, because she has a history of going back and forth on this, saying dr. luke did then saying he didn’t.  stick to your story, girl!

i dono…something’s fishy here.  i’m not so sure he’s as innocent as we may all think, though he still claims kesha is like a “little sister” to him.

i’m gonna leave it at that.



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