back to the grind

hey guys!

so first i’ll let you know how the rest of my trip in SD went last night.  basically, i cooked and ate with my friend before she dropped me off at the airport.  it took about 5-6 minutes to get from the airport doors to my gate, which was even faster than the process on my way over here.  i mean, once you have your mobile boarding pass, TSA only takes a few minutes, then you walk to your gate and that’s it.  i don’t know why i have it in my head that i have to be there at least an hour early every time.  i guess better safe than sorry. the flight back was super smooth and just an hour long.  after my mom brought me home from the airport, i was super happy to be reunited with my dog.  he’s the cutest thing ever and totally missed me.

now i’m back at work this morning, and i have soo much to do…as always.  so that’s pretty much it!  i’ll blog to you more in-depth later when i get the chance.



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