my day in la jolla so far!


hey guys,

whenever i’m out of town, i basically have to steal time to try and blog, cuz there’s just so much going on.  this morning, i woke up and my mom’s friend friend picked me up and took me to la jolla cove.. omg it was so beautiful.  i took a billion pictures, but more importantly, i had a really great heart-to-heart with my friend.  we sat and chatted for a long time at a bench that overlooked the cove.  i really appreciated it, and it’s amazing how refreshing a conversation can be.  it is so hard to find role models and mentors in life right now; there just aren’t many quality people that i want to bother keeping in my life.  actually, i’m more than happy to push them way out of my life.  good riddance.

sometimes, i’m convinced that i’m way more mature than the majority of people out there that are my age let alone people that are younger or even older than me.  it’s pretty sad, actually.  it’s okay, cuz i try not to let other people’s immaturity irritate me, since they’re honestly not worth a second of my time.  they’re like ants wandering around that everyone just steps on without thinking twice.  unfortunately, ants do exist, and it’s pathetic, really.  sorry if you have a thing for ants.

point being, i had a really good time opening up to this friend.  it was so soul-cleansing to have someone not just listen to me, but to actually understand all the ideas i had in my head.  my thoughts just overflow sometimes, and i draw connections from some of the most random remarks.  if i’m in good company, i typically end up talking a lot.  i love an active listener though – someone that just gets it, no matter what tangents you take when conversing.

we then went to this really spicy hunanese restaurant and definitely bonded even more over that haha there’s something about spicy food that turns up the heat.  i karaoked to her on the way back to my friend’s apartment.  and now here i am, catching up on stuff, packing, and getting ready for a homecooked meal before i fly out tonight.

bai guys,




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