going to SD in exactly a week!

awww yeeeeeeeeuh

wait, before i get into how excited i am for san diego, i need to tell you what happened at the gym yesterday. ridiculous!  so i get out of the locker room and i’m about to play some squash when i see my mom’s friend walking on the treadmill.  i go over to her to say a quick hello.  we get to chatting about our weeks, and everything was all gravy until this guy comes right out of nowhere up to us.  he goes “hey, do you mind?  did you come to the gym to exercise or to socialize?” i totally thought he was joking, so i start laughing..but he wasn’t joking.  my mom’s friend starts rolling her eyes and ignoring him, and after an extended and awkward period of silence,  he finally walks away.  i then lower my voice for his sake and start whispering instead of talking at a normal volume.  and guess what…he comes right back with a brand new completely annoying rhetorical question, “do you know how dangerous that is talking to her while she’s walking on the treadmill?”  wow.  i gave up and just left.  such a douche.  the funny part was, i was hanging out with one of the staff members as i was leaving the gym, and i started telling him about what happened, and before i even described what the guy looked like or who he was, he knew exactly who i was talking about.  apparently, they’ve been trying to figure out this guy’s name cuz he’s been inappropriate all over the gym.  apparently one time, this guy went behind the staff desk to change the music, and when a staff member told him not to do that, he threw a tantrum and threatened to get her fired.  people…

so i’m heading to San Diego again next saturday through monday! yeeee.  last time, i spent a little more time there: thursday night through sunday night, but it’s all good.  i’m still really excited to go again.  this time, i’ll be staying with my friend, hanging out with my other friends who live there, roadtripping to UCLA to visit another friend, and just kicking back.   hope it’s not gonna be too hot there, cuz it’s already hitting high 70s here.  pretty sure it’ll be in the 80s there, but hey, all part of the SD experience, right?  i’ve explored so much of SD already, but a good friend of mine recommended going to glider port this time, so i shall!

alright take care, guys!  have a good saturday,








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