you win some, you lose some, yanno?

life is all about that give and take.  i feel the need to explain that here today, because it most certainly applies to my life.  it’s never easy walking away from something that meant something to you.  but at the end of the day, everyone needs to look out for themselves.  i’ve been told on more than one occasion that i should “definitely do what’s best for me,” so i’m doing just that.  most of the time, people just want you to be happy and for you to do whatever it takes for that to happen, so i thank everyone that has recently supported me in my arduous yet persistent pursuit of happiness.

after being selfless for the past 24 years, i now wish to learn how to be selfish.  i’m starting to discover what i like and why i like it… well, i should actually say “rediscover,” cuz i was certainly born with a strong spirit and knew 100% what i liked before.  that’s until i learned to like what other people liked in intense efforts to go with the flow, and i completely lost myself in that process.  i forgot what i myself liked and why i liked what i liked.  over the years, i’ve learned how to be a lot more quiet about my own needs and wants.  i’ve even learned to suppress my personality: my humor, my creativity, my spontaneity, my confidence, my wit, my sass, and pretty much my whole essence.  no bueno.  these are all essential components to function at a pleasurable level of life.

thus, this blog is the first attempt among many to relearn how to express myself and encourage myself to keep going down this path of self-rediscovery.






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