anything that’s character-building is good for you


i’m all for building character.  taking the easy way out never pays off.  in fact, it leaves you with a lack of closure and regret for not having tried your hardest.  i know i speak for myself when i say this, but i personally can’t live with myself when i even consider taking the easy way out.  it’s just not in my system.  i can’t…and how do others? i mean,  how can i show my face to those that i care about without knowing for certain that i’ve tried my hardest on my own, right?  i’m not here to waste other people’s time like that.  certainly, ask for help when you need to, but make sure there’s a balance between independence and dependence.

that being said, we all know the saying “no man is an island.”  sure, everyone needs to lean on others every once in a while, but that doesn’t mean you make others carry more of the burden than you yourself do, nor should you get complacent with doing everything yourself.  i’m telling you now to be very aware of how much you ask of others and how your decisions affect those around you.  be conscientious of how much time and energy you require of others.  if you can do something yourself, then by all means, do it yourself.  if you want something done right, you also might want to do it yourself.  learn to carry as much of your own load as possible before you reach out for help.  tap into your inner strength and only surface when you think you’re drowning.  it’s a challenge, but it’s surely worth it.

signing out!







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