booked my flight to SD

san diego

sup y’all!

i finally booked my flight to san diego wednesday night, and i’m pumped!  SD always feels like home cuz of the friends i have there.  not gonna drop names, but i’m super excited to see everyone!  i really like SD.  it has so many pockets of different neighborhoods all around.  the ones i’ve been to include: north park, pacific beach, ocean beach, mira mesa, hillcrest, the gaslamp district, etc.  i also enjoy coronado island, seaport village, the marina, balboa park, the zoo, cabrillo national park, la jolla, etc but i don’t know if those count as actual regions of SD.  do you guys like SD?  and why? and where else should i go?  a friend recommended gliderport next time.  maybe i should visit UCSD since i applied there.  can’t believe i’m transferring back to school this fall!

other than that, i’m doing okay with the weight loss thing.  it’s disappointing when i fluctuate up and down plus or minus three pounds when i weigh myself on the scale at my gym depending on what time of day it is, but i gotta remember the healthiest rate is to lose 1-2lbs a week, so i’ll stick to that and try not to get too discouraged if i don’t get that instant gratification.

have a great friday!





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