aiming for UCSB.

beachlet’s goooooooo Santa Barbara!  i think if i were to choose any school to be admitted into at this point, it would be UCSB.  i’ve mentioned it already a couple times on this blog, but i’ve started to do some research on it and the more i find out, the more i gravitate towards it.  it’s a very friendly and open place, and i definitely wanna visit it before i commit, to feel it out.  it’s so beautiful and close to the beach.  every picture i’ve seen so far has been so picturesque.  i’ve also heard it’s a party school, but peer pressure doesn’t get to me as much as it used to.  getting pumped for school!  i’ll be sad if i don’t get in :/

i’ve also decided to lose some weight before i get there.  hopefully, i’ll have dropped..let’s’s 8 months away, so hopefully i’ll have dropped a good amount of weight by then since there’s plenty of time.  i don’t really have an end goal or an optimal weight in mind; i think i’ll just stop when i start feeling better about my self image.  let’s hope for at least 15-20 lbs.  i’d love to be able to play tennis, pickleball, badminton, squash, or pingpong at a somewhat competitive level in college, so being in better shape will definitely do me some good.  wish me luck ;P

the one thing i will need to figure out is finding a good therapist and psychiatrist there.  and if i wanna stay on the same meds, which is probably my best bet, then i need to find a labcorp down there to continue my monthly blood draws.  these are all things that the disability student services can probably help me with.  i need to get set up well down there.   having a good psychiatrist and therapist is so clutch to my health.  at cornell, i found one both on campus through the school’s health services and one off campus through my insurance.  i’ll see how i set up everything in SB.


i can’t wait to make my apartment the place to be.  ima make it so baller, you don’t even know!!!!  it’ll be the best and most popular place to go to study, chill, party, everything.  i’m gonna deck it out with state of the art errthang and all the best food and drank.  i want to create a really positive and comfortable experience for my friends/family/guests.  right when people walk in, i’ll be able to offer all of their faves.  it’s all about that hospitality, you feel me?  come visit 😀

song of the day: “should’ve been us” by tori kelly




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