erasei’m so dumb.  this is what happened this morning.  i met with a dean at de anza who i’m pretty close with to chat about my transferring process.  we were talking about logistics, when i let him know that there was a course i wasn’t able to drop cuz i got hospitalized midway through the quarter, the grade shows up as an F and significantly drags down my GPA.  to my surprise, he immediately explained how he could help.

he then provided a quick and simple solution to that!  we filled out a form in less than a minute, and my grade of an F was expunged.  i never thought that erasing a grade was possible, but it is because i met some really easy requirements like how i’ve only gotten As and A+s after this F, it was at least three quarters ago, and other simple requirements. i wish i did this before i submitted my UC apps!!  he admitted that this “academic renewal form” was not well advertised, but that it did exist.  i’m bummed, because i’ve already completed my UC application with my previous lower GPA, and i can’t make any changes.  on the bright side, this change will take effect and bring up my GPA for my two upcoming private school apps that are due in around 2-3 months.  my GPA increases by like a .4 boost, which is a lot.

just my luck about those UC apps tho :/



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