i feel so derpy sometimes

sadnessderp derp derp derp derp.  it’s friday, and my friends cancelled on me, so i’m being derpy instead. wahhhh derp derp.

actually this gives me time to update my UC transfer apps, and i’m getting to see what a friday night actually looks like at our office.  but yeah, i’m just a bit bummed about it all. there are a lot of people here asking me for random help lol.. and i’m trying to be polite about it, but i’m just really incredibly distracted and off today/tonight.

i’m also trying to upload my fall quarter grades and fill out additional forms i didn’t know were necessary for my UC transfer apps.  all of this additional info is due on january 31, so i have time, but it’s always stressful dealing with applications, yanno?

i should probly hit the gym too.  it closes in 3 hrs.

i’m not feeling too great right now, guys…gonna be real witchu.  why does today have to go this way 😦




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