the first day of 2016

work is so much lighter now as of yesterday, so i can breathe a little more now.  that being said, school starts monday, so i have to get into study-mode.  i do have all the books already.  i’m taking an introductory philosophy course, which is a completely new subject to me.  i’m looking forward to it.  hope the prof is legit and that my classmates are nice.  i’ll let you know either way.

my parents and i watched a show in downtown san jose tonight.  we sat in the very front row of the san jose center for performing arts.  before that, my dad and i ate out at a good local chinese restaurant.  we sat in the front before and the perks of that is that you can see the orchestra in the pit at the same time as the actual performance, but this year, they put up a barrier blocking the view of the orchestra.  that’s probably how it should be, so the orchestra doesn’t get distracted by the crow.

also, although christmas is over, i feel like it’s still not over cuz i just got invited to a christmas white elephant gift exchange party that’s happening this sunday with alumni the grade above me from high school.  a friend from high school is inviting me as her guest, and i totally plan on bringing food to contribute and a gift to participate in the exchange.  it’s supposed to be a fairly small gathering of people i’m supposed to have met before.  whoo! the holiday season never ends.

i’m really happy with 2016 so far 🙂 let’s keep it going.



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