omg i am spazzing out right now

i swear my heart is racing a million beats a second right now.  so i’m supposed to be taking care of my good friend’s pets and plants while he’s on a honeymoon with his wife.  and my duties include watering his plant, feeding 10 worms to his turtle every other day, filling up his cat’s food/water bowls, taking out the cat’s litter, take out his yard waste, and driving his car every once in a while.  while he was gone, he texted me that i could turn on the heat lamp for his turtle, Tom, in the 5-10minutes that i’m there every other day to perform these miscellaneous tasks.  so today, i thought i turned the heat lamp on without turning it off.  i was there at around 2….wait hold on, i am trippin.  i wasn’t even there today.  i was there yesterday.  so i dont know why i got paranoid about it all of a sudden today, but  i was under the impression that i was there earlier today (though it was actually yesterday) and that i left the heat lamp on and that Tom the turtle dehydrated to death or something!

so i just raaaaaaced there right now praying the whole way that Tom was alive.  i told God it was my fault not Tom’s, and that i would take full responsibility for it.  i started imagining who i would call first, my mom to freak out about it or my friend to just tell him the truth as soon as possible.

so i finally get to the house after speeding like a madwoman (which i really shouldn’t have).  it felt like the longest ten minutes ever.  i race to the doorstep, jam the key in, turn the knob and lo and behold…Tom is chillin’ in the dark.  the heat lamp wasn’t even on at all!!! i was already starting to picture Tom all shriveled and dehydrated.

and also, i am totally trippin, cuz i wasn’t even there earlier today even tho i could’ve sworn i was.

i’m still gonna need like another half hour to calm down.

oh man oh man.



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