possibly going to China in february

monday february 8 marks Chinese New Year 2016, and i will most likely be in China at the time.  i think i’m going for like 10 days.  will be missing a bit of school.  while i’m in china, i’ll try to still consistently blog everyday…but internet will be limited and facebook will be impossible unless i can hack into it.  china doesn’t allow facebook access, unless you’re in hong kong or something.

not sure if the NYC trip will happen next month…will have to delay it for another time of year…though my brother did say the weather in nyc right now is warmer than it is here in norcal.  he said it was 70 and sunny just a few days ago.  global warming?

well guys, i’m off to play squash.  have my work cut out for me tmrw again.  hope to be productive.




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