love in the time of cholera

love in the time of cholerawhat a movie.  i spent my night last night sipping on whiskey and watching love in the time of cholera, based off of the famous novel by nobel prize winner Gabriel Garcia Marquez.  the movie won several awards for apparent reasons.

once again, we projected the movie onto the whiteboard wall, and yes, it felt like a home theater.   i’m also not a huge fan of whiskey, but i guess i’m learning.  it’s funny cuz i remember a time when i didn’t like beer, and now i don’t mind most beers.

back to the movie, to be honest, i dono whose side i was on.  i kept switching back and forth throughout the movie.  i would say there was not one definite or clear winner, which is what made the movie so interesting and controversial.

my dad suggested i watch another movie tonight, but i probably can’t.  this is starting to become part of the routine.  so usually what happens (usually meaning the past two nights),  is that i’ll be watching the movie on my own, then my dad will join me for a few minutes and leave, then my mom will join me for a few minutes and leave.  and it ends up mostly being about me focusing on the plot of the movie and learning from its contents.

also, plans to visit NYC/NJ next month have yet to be solidified, but we’re aiming for the week of my dad’s birthday, which falls on monday, january 18th of this coming year.  will letcha know!

i’m also getting really psyched to go back to college next fall.  wherever i end up going, i will be sure to live either in single dorm room or a studio apartment…definitely don’t want any roommates this time around, all about that privacy.  my parents said i could take it easy, no rush, and just take a few classes per quarter/semester.  that sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me 🙂  i’m gonna take my time and do it right this time.

life is good.



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