the real title for this post should be “why are you doing this to me?” but i’m not good at pointing fingers, and i try to take the blame off others so situations frustrate me ever the less.

whyi do want to update you guys tho, cuz God knows who’s reading this blog.  here’s what i’ve noticed so far…i enjoy people who are mysterious, complicated, and unpredictable.  i also believe strongly in the sequence of events.  person 1 gets dibs.  it’s just how it works.

i’m starting to see the master plan, and i’m dreading it.  when taken at face value, the next phase of my life should be enjoyable and freeing, but it looks like it requires me to face my worst fears, which is never good news.

i’m willing to do it as long as i know i’m taking baby steps in the right direction.  i’m definitely not ready to take that leap of faith, which is bad cuz people will only go as far as you let them…so if i’m not open to something, it simply won’t happen.

you always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, and right now, i’m not even shooting.

why does this have to happennn..



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