san diego today!

had a really good day today again.  this vacation is coming to an end tomorrow morning though.

today, i got up, got picked up by my friend from middle school and high school, hit up wow wow waffle (total hole in the wall!), walked around north park, got dropped off at my other friend’s condo.

got an acai bowl, hit up the hillcrest farmer’s market.  yee hillcrest 😉 got oscar’s yummmm gotta do that every time, walked around seaport village, watched the good dinosaur, had a delicious homecooked meal, played pingpong, bowled, and now here we are at the end of the day!

showered, gonna pack, unwind, and yaaaaah.  so so much to catch up on tomorrow :/  let’s pray for a productive day for me.

san diego, you best be sure i’ll come back soon!  pics on fb!  as for now, nyc and new jersey next month, china the following, anddd..rhode island in july, possibly other stuff in between.  little trips and what not.

and then college next fall!! yeaaaaaaaah go life!

good stuff good stuff,




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