well, that was refreshing!!

it’s 75 degrees right now in SD, and i just went on the bike ride of my life.  it was nothing special, just along a sidewalk to a plaza about 10 minutes away from my friend’s apartment…but the fact of the matter is, i haven’t gone on a bike ride in at least a decade.  i mean i’ve used stationary ones at gyms but haven’t actually gone on a ride, so i felt pretty adventurous and badass.

my friend just had a bike lying around from the ex of a mutual friend, so it was totally fair game.  i dono how to describe it: the wind in my face, my legs earning the speed i was going at, and the freedom to weave in and out – it was nothing short of refreshing.  i think what made it better is that i had a destination where i wanted to eat lunch at, which i did.  however, the bike doesn’t have lock on it, so i parked it right outside the restaurant and made sure to sit at a table with a view of it, so i could keep my eyes peeled on it.  i certainly didn’t wanna be responsible for losing someone else’s bike.

now, i think i’ll bring my laptop over to the tech lounge to get some work done.  i have a feeling the next two days will nonstop with the san diego zoo, beach, friends, etc.





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