movies.pngmy dad and i like watching movies together.  we used to watch a lot when i was a kid, actually i remember we would stay up late watching black and white TV episodes of Zorro too.  now, we catch flicks at the local AMC whenever we get a chance or whenever a good movie comes out.  we’ve always followed the james bond series pretty closely across the generations: roger moore, sean connery, pierce brosnan, and now daniel craig.  so today, we watched Spectre.  i really wanted him to watch The Martian, but i had already seen it, and he didn’t wanna make me rewatch it.  i think the last movie we watched together was the one about the french high-wire artist: The Walk.
spectreabout Spectre, wow.  i walked into the movie knowing it’d be 2 hrs and 30 minutes long, but it felt a lot shorter.  despite the low, 64% rotten tomato rating, i found the movie to be riveting.  actually i remember at one point towards the end, i missed like 15 seconds of it cuz i was checking a text my mom sent me, and i actually felt bad having done that and missed the 15 seconds.  it was like that.

i think the whole experience of watching a movie is completely affected by the people you’re watching it with.  i used to think watching movies with people was lame, cuz it was the least interactive activity ever. it was just you and your friend(s) staring at a screen in the dark together…but now my perspective has completely shifted.  i think it’s pretty interactive through body language and whispered comments.

but yeah, bottom line is it was a good movie dude.



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