do i wanna go back to college?

collegei’m starting to think going back to college would be a really good change of pace.  it would get me out of my head and into the world.  i mentioned a few posts ago that having my family members visit from all over the country this past week made me feel like i was in college again, cuz i was constantly around people from the moment i woke up to the moment i fell asleep.

there’s a good chance i’ll get into at least a few of the colleges i have applied to or will be applying to.  i applied to every UC except riverside and merced and then SJSU and SFSU so far. i’ve got a handful of private schools lined up too.  i’m trying to stay in california, so i can drive home and reconnect/recharge every once in a while.  being at Cornell felt so foreign, unfamiliar, and distant. there’s no way i could repeat that now.

cornelli was up pretty late thinking about the possibility of college last night.  i think it would be really exciting, and i’m at the age where i can still pull it off.  i would definitely want to have my own apartment or live in a single.  i remember upon first entering cornell, i was psyched to live in a quad (which was two doubles connected with a common room), but now there’s no way i would share a space with people.  i want that privacy and independence.  i got excited thinking about how i would decorate my space and how i would use my space.  let’s make this happen!

career writingthis time around, i would be studying something i’m naturally inclined towards, which is creative/career writing.  maybe it’ll all come a lot more naturally than it did last time, now that i’m stronger and better.  i can’t wait to join a mental health club or start one if the campus doesn’t have it.  i can imagine dominating that scene.  i would also join a christian fellowship and sign up for some fun PE classes.  i remember taking two massage classes at Cornell to complete my PE requirements haha wow.

well the bottom line is that i’ve already applied and will be hearing back from some.  i also will be applying to many more to come.  we’ll see what hand God deals me.

be rooting for me,



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