please don’t be scared…remember that i’m here

earlier tonight, i was at my aunt and uncle’s house visiting them.  i would say it was around 10:30pm when this happened: my cousins who are in elementary school had gone to bed already, but the older one kept waking up and coming out of his room.  we then heard what sounded like a distant gunshot, and he got really scared.  he was clearly distressed and kept asking us all to be quiet, as if every noise contributed to his fear.  i had never seen him like that before. he started pulling at his hair out of stress and shot glances at me for comfort.  all i knew to do was to just smile and shake my head no, as if nothing bad in this world exists.

i remember feeling the way he did in that moment as a kid, constantly on edge and fearful of events and situations that were never in my control.  i have to say it felt comforting knowing that i could comfort him…that i could fill in that role for him that i never had when i was growing up as a kid.  life’s all about helping others.  i knew what he was feeling and how to help him, so i did.  it’s just what we do.  it was certainly a bonding moment.  i was honored to be his rock, and i hope to be more people’s rocks as life goes on.

i wish we could rise above fear instead of letting it control us.



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