my day today

you ever have just one small problem that makes you feel like everything else in your life is a problem?  yeah me neither. jk i totally do, which is why i brought that up.  knowing me, i’m not gonna be able to talk about the source of my problem or even be able to pinpoint it myself for another few months cuz i’m the most passive-aggressive person ever, and my mind is constant foggy haze.

on a brighter note, i played tennis for like 2.5hrs today!  i got there at 7:15ish, my friend showed up at 7:45ish, then we played til 9:45ish.  it was so much fun.  i feel really in my element when i play tennis.  i guess cuz i’m good at it.  check me out sometime.  i’m told my shots are like bullets.  i put a lot of spin on my strokes.

also, can all this halloween candy just go away, please?  i have to admit my mom is hogging all the snickers tho.  but you know, i’m finding that as i age, i gain a new appreciation for all those random candies i never liked as a kid.  go me for growing up!

that being said, i really like my new gold macbook.  i’m inadvertently becoming such a little apple expert doing all this crazy stuff on my new computer as well as my new phone that i’ve never done before.  go me again!

peace yo,



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