so i had this dream last night

dreamsit was a truly amazing dream.  just amazing.  it was the perfect scenario, but as i reflect back on the dream now and how happy it made me for that brief moment, i’ve come to realize how immature i am.  i love the freedom of dreams, and it might be fun during the dream, but afterwards, you’re pretty grateful dreams aren’t real life.

i know i mentioned this months ago, but i used to study lucid dreaming – which is basically the ability to control your dreams and make active decisions in your dreams.  i thought the concept was so cool, and i wondered if it would feel like you were awake during sleep and doing crazy things that can only occur in dreams, like flying from place to place, or eating really unhealthy food, or being able to time travel.

sleepingthere’s a science behind it, and many people have actively mastered it.  but i haven’t been able to reach that level, so i still have a deep appreciation for spontaneous dreams.  i’m always grateful when God throws me a bone through a dream.  it’s always such a relief from my real life.

so i hope to dream on, cuz my dreams are the one thing i can hold on to…and you never know, they might just come true someday.



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