maintaining my apple products

macsrecently, i’ve been getting warnings alerting me that my mac’s startup disk is getting full.  basically, i was running out of storage space, and it was making my computer run really slowly.  so with the help of an apple employee, i cleared out nearly 15gb of space yesterday.  do you know how much extra space that gives me? do you know how productive i felt after doing that?  it was like that rush you get when you clean your room, except i was cleaning my computer.  my itunes library has nearly 3,000 songs but only consists of 13gb, so it’s like i’ve cleared out a whole itunes library worth of space.  i’ve had this mac for 5 years now, and i’ve honestly never encountered a problem with it that wasn’t easily solvable.  when i initially bought the mac in 2010, it was with 128gb of space, which seems like a really small amount but has lasted me a good 5 yrs and counting. anyways, i won’t bore you with too many details, but i basically cleared up another year or two worth’s of space in less than an hour.  it was great. i was initially considering buying a new mac with more space, but hey, no need now.

iphone6sadditionally, while i was still with the apple employee, i let her know that the power button on the right side of my iphone 6 is not working well.  it does its job, but it just doesn’t have that crisp, clear click when i press it, whereas my other buttons are still fine (like the volume ones on the left).   so she immediately diagnosed it as my spring not working and found that my 1 year warranty expires in 13 days, so she set me up with an appointment this coming monday to see if i get can get it repaired.  the timing was clutch, and i’m glad i said something about it.  the one caveat is that if they can’t fix it on the spot, i may have to go 3-5 days without a phone as they mail it in and get a fully functional one shipped back to me.

also, did you know there are new colors for macbooks?  there’s now gold, space gray, and the regular silver.  additionally, the new iphone6s comes in rose gold, which is also new.

all in all, apple has great customer service, and don’t be afraid to ask them for help.

bai, and i’m sorry about copping out yesterday with a short post right before midnight. mah b.



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