hey guys, day 2 in st. louis

IMG_4794i had a really good and surprisingly relaxing day today.  we helped get some centerpieces together for the wedding this morning, then my aunt went to go help decorate and do all the busywork.  in the mean time, she left me her car keys, so my cousin and i just drove around for a while exploring st. louis.  then my grandma wanted to watch a movie, so we did.  then we get super delish dinner/dessert.  and the best part is that i got to see my cousins’ new house!! it’s amazing and so exciting.  it makes me wanna get on the same level as them and get a place of my own.

new cat!and get this! they just adopted their new cat and brought him home today, so i got to see him.  and he is the most adorable and polite and soft and fuzzy kitty ever.  he was basically begging for belly rubs all day – approved.

now i’m gonna try to sleep so i can get up and play with my family again tmrw.  halloween is tmrw!  i’ll take pix at the wedding of all of our costumes..and hopefully i can upload the video here that my mom secretly took of me while i was trying on the costume back at home before this trip… apparently it’s funny?




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