so come on let it goooo, just let it beeee. why don’t you be you, and i’ll be me?

happy facei visited my old church today and found all the answers i was looking for, which means all lights are green, and i’m moving on.  closure is a beautiful thing.  it allows for peace of mind and optimism for the future.  i think it was a good thing that i mentioned on this blog that i’d be visiting today, cuz i didn’t see everyone i expected to see.  check out my happy face to the left.

why’s james bay so good w/breakup songs?  so good.  first, i was hooked on “hold back the river” and now i can’t get “let it go” outta my head.  of course, the script has some great ones too.

i got ripped off so hardcore today at lunch after church.  i paid like $20 for pad thai…cray.  never again, but i do admit that it hit the spot.  it’s cuz i ordered a combination seafood one instead of the regular chicken, beef, tofu, or vegetarian.

gonna go back to work!



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