sleeping with pierre and possible new apartment!

Pierre in bedso, pierre is my bed partner, and he is a wonderful, wonderful bed partner.  he’s very conscious of the space he takes up, he waits for me to fall asleep before he does, he’s really cute when snoring, he cuddles up, and he keeps me warm.

he takes turns sleeping on top of the blanket and sleeping under the blanket, depending on the night.  of course, i prefer it when he sleeps with me under the blanket, so we can keep each other warm.  pierre 3one of the things i love most about sleeping with him is when i hold one of his paws as we fall asleep, or just when resting my hand on top of his body.  i always hope my hand’s not that heavy 😛  but the reason why i love holding at least one of his paws as we sleep is cuz they are light as a feather when he’s asleep!  that right there is the definition of trust.  i think the light weight of his paws is the epitome of his love for me and comfort around me, cuz he must trust me entirely.  no resistance or anything. know what i mean?  it’s such a good feeling.

communications hill 3something else really exciting that’s been going on is that my mom has been bringing up the idea of me moving out and living in a property that my parents own.  to give you a little info on it, its located on/in communications hill in san jose.  it’s kinda like south san jose, by guadalupe parkway and downtown san jose.  to be honest, i really don’t know that area that well, but that’s kinda what’s cool about it.  it’s close enough that i can continue my life the way it’s going right now in terms of work, school, therapy, support groups, friends, church, gym, etc.  buuuut, it’s far enough that i’ll be familiarizing myself with a whole new neighborhood.  i mean this area isn’t 100% foreign to me, i’ve been around it and in it, but cupertino has definitely been my home base, and i know the ins and outs of it like the back of my hand, so i’ll miss being on autopilot while driving and never having to use a GPS.  it’ll be good to place myself in a new setting to discover/explore a new residential area.

communications hill 2it’s a two bedroom apartment on communications hill, and so much about it excites me.  i wanna get really creative and colorful and artsy with how i decorate it.   and i wanna break all the rules my parents had in their house lol.  they’re pretty darn organized and clean, but i wanna one-up them.  i wanna make my apartment balllllllllin’ with all the little things, yanno?  it’ll be swanky but practical.  that’s my vision.  i’m so excited.  whenever i think about it, i feel like i have stars in my eyes. whoooooooo! better be dog-friendly or at least cat-friendly.  must ask later, can’t forget about pierre.

communications hillthe neighborhood around the apartment is also pretty cool.  there are a lot of parks and shopping centers around.  my parents always want what’s best for me, and it seems they both approve of this prime location.  i get a 2 car garage…but i only have 1 car lol.  communications hill itself is also really pretty.  it’s where everyone takes pics for prom or other special occasions.  the view is pretty spectacular at certain areas .  i’m sure if you google it, you’ll recognize it.  my apartment is right in there. i look forward to it lots.

although i’m trying to avoid counting my chickens before they hatch, here’s to new beginnings!  hoping to achieve this new stage of life soon 🙂

i hope you’re all having a good start to your monday and to your week!



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