cray sunday!

hey guys!

sfsorry i’m blogging to you so late today! i was in SF, then my friend’s dad realized he left his cell in SF, so we went back for it, so i’m later than i thought i’d be..but hey, on california time, it’s still sunday 10/18!   i just got back to the office, busted out a few assignments for my dad, which i had to prioritize, and am now finally unwinding here on my blog.  but i do have some homework waiting for me due to my impromptu visit to SF.

so lemme backtrack and go through my day in chronological order.  first order of business was going to church this morning.  i had a great time.  we switched it up today and had a “silent sermon.”  i go to south bay church (the north san jose campus on murphy), and it’s always good times.  then my friend hit me up to go to SF with his family to watch a movie there then have dinner, to which i could not refuse.  hadn’t seen him in a really long time!  i’ve known him basically since we were kids. we were in countless activities together in high school and then studied the same major at cornell.  i went to like a billion formal dances with him too,  so it was nice catching up.  we checked out 5 or 6 open houses in SF, cuz his parents are looking for property there, all within 1.4-2 million dollars.  that was an interesting experience and got me in the zone for wanting to find a place for myself as well.  japantownthen we went to japantown and watched the new “steve jobs” movie in the kabuki theater, which only plays sundance films.  then we grabbed some awesome japanese tapas and headed home after dropping my friend off in sf (cuz he lives there).

i really enjoyed the convo on the ride back with his parents.  we got all deep talking about different personalities, happiness, relationships, destinies, and all that good stuff.  his mom and stepdad are basically like family, cuz i’ve known them for like forever now.  and something his mom said really stuck with me, which was that you can’t help someone be rich if you’re poor.  we were talking in terms of being rich in happiness/love at the time.  and it’s true!  i was going on and on again about how i wanna find happiness, so that i can help others find that same happiness.  common theme in my life.

i’m actually heading to sf again tmrw to pickup a friend from the airport, so this will be my third time in SF this week lol.  i guess this airport trip doesn’t really count tho, cuz we’re not actually spending time in SF.

one of the weirdest things i learned about SF today was that people just park in the middle of the roads on sundays due to the lack of designated church parking.  the police don’t bust them, because of people’s right to religious freedoms.  so how we found out is that we were driving and waiting behind this car for years, until we noticed the whole line of cars in front of us were just parked on the road.  then i started noticing lines of parked cars everywhere.

that’s it for today.  blog to ya tmrw.  keep it real, peeps.



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