that moment when you click your car key at the elevator ..

i am so tired right now lol running on empty.  ok somehow i lost 6 lbs in one day.  WHAT? God, are you playing tricks on me?

tennisi got the chance to play tennis with some church friends today, and it was so fun!  except i totally forgot to eat dinner, and i was completely depleted of energy by the time we finished.  my tshirt was soaked, and my hair was dripping wet.  i played pretty well in the beginning tho.  one thing is that i never win if people start keeping score, no matter how different or similar our skill-levels are.  i’m actually gonna cancel my regular tuesday night plans/activities and substitute them with playing tennis from 7-9pm every tuesday night.  i would say it’s an upgrade, cuz i lurv tennis.  i’m pumped!  we created a facebook group tonight and everything.  all are welcome to join.

pile of workso after two hours of tennis, i basically limped into my car and from the parking lot to my gym to soak in the hot tub and shower.  now i’m all fresh and clean.  but one thing that still bewilders me is that i really don’t get my weight right now.  i weighed *** yesterday and today i weighed *** minus 6.   ?!?!  something is up.  the scale is rigged or something.

by the way! i got a ton of work done today, so ima pat myself on the back for that.

what a great end to an iffy tuesday.  what’s better is that tomorrow is wednesday! my favorite day of the week whootwhoot whatwhat!



One thought on “that moment when you click your car key at the elevator ..

  1. Sometimes weight loss is a delayed reaction. If your weight loss has slowed previously, it could be your body catching up and releasing those pounds… Or it could be water weight dropping off. The tennis and creating a FB group sounds awesome and super fun!


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