is it bad to be good at too many things? ..i’m starting to think yes

because it means you have to sacrifice going pro in each of the other areas you excel in, because you’re better at another talent just by a hair.

tenniswhy is this coming up?  i’m starting to think i could have seriously gone pro playing tennis, badminton, table tennis, squash, or any other racket sport – take your pick.  i’m not saying i’m good enough to be pro right at this moment..not by any means. but if i cultivated it from the first day i picked up a tennis racket, you best believe i’d be on TV.  iono i guess my parents didn’t want that for me tho?  i was probing my brain for the reason why, and i realize its cuz i can make a career out of composing music, singing, dancing, writing, cooking, drawing (that’s one i forgot i’m good at too!), and oh gosh, let’s see what else…um anything that requires a creative flair, i guess.  so, maybe my parents’ vision for me was to impact people more through these skills instead of accentuating my other ones that are purely physical – like my hand-eye coordination or whatever.

fun fact: did you know taylor swift almost went pro riding horses instead? she debated it for quite a while as a teenager..and ended up choosing singing/songwriting instead.

creativitywell…i wanna be better than taylor swift at whatever she can do.

you know, it feels really nice and refreshing to talk about the things i’m good at, cuz i already know all of my weaknesses way too well.  it’s like i know all my weaknesses like the back of my hand, and my strengths are just now surfacing tho they’ve been there my whole life. i haven’t ever been brave enough to admit my strengths or pay attention to my strengths.  it takes courage…well, for me, at least.  hopefully that speaks to how true everything i’m saying is.  i would never claim something that isn’t true.  you have to know that about me.  iono, maybe challenge me in a match.  i might not be the best out there, but i can definitely put up a fight on the court.  and you’ll get a glimpse at a pro-shot every once in a while. my body also doesn’t allow me to excel in sports…but, that’s something else that people have programmed into me.

alright i have to go, but i will definitely continue this thought later.  the gym closes soon, and i gotta do my thang.




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