where do i draw the line?

timei wanna invite you into a salient part of my life:

i spend huge chunks of my time thinking about what other people want from me and how i can meet those expectations in the best way possible.  and i know a lot of people, whether they play active roles in my life right now or not.  naturally, there’s a prioritization and sequence to this madness.  certain people first, certain people next…certain people never, jk.

faithi try to always rise to the occasion by going above and beyond.  this might be a curse or it might be a really good habit.  i typically don’t shy away from a challenge revolving helping people or pleasing people.  it’s just what i do, yanno?  i may not always be right, do the right thing, or say the right thing, but you best believe i have the right thing in mind.

i strongly believe my destiny is something so big and grand that i couldn’t possibly fathom it right now.  i just need to continue having faith in our Father in heaven.  i keep chugging on faithfully, because i know my labor will be fruitful beyond belief one day…almost superhuman.

i had a hard time coming up with a topic to blog about today (which means like three minutes as opposed to five seconds), so i hope today’s post was okay.  writing is never a burden or a chore to me.  so, be sure that there’s more to come tmrw, as always.

have patience, hang in there, and have faith in me 🙂  it’s all i ask.




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