the boy who cried wolf

liesremember the “jerk” i posted about yesterday? well, i opened up to my therapist about how much it bothered me even tho i hated that i let him get to me. it was not so much about the exact words he used, but the intention behind it. i knew i would see him later that night, and as much as i wanted to call him out on his lie…i figured it was best to ignore his attempts.  like i said, i wasn’t so much bothered by the exact words he used/said, but i was deeply bothered because i couldn’t believe his twisted intentions.  do people really get off on making others anxious?    i will never understand the mindset of people like this guy and will never be able to put myself in their shoes.  why would you bother someone or purposely hassle them?  why would you make up lies to get someone’s attention?  actually, wait, i might’ve done that before.  but overall,  it boggles my mind.  people need to just give it a rest.

he’s “the boy who cried wolf.”  pathetically desperate for attention. you better believe this marks the first and last time i respond to his texts.

the boy who cried wolfmy therapist comforted me when we traded notes on other people who have been really desperate for attention throughout our lives.  she then shared a story of when she worked at a high school, and there was a girl running around spreading rumors – really bad rumors like accusing guys of getting her pregnant.  my therapist confronted her about how she knew she was pregnant, and the girl replied that she was sure she was two weeks pregnant and could even feel the baby kick.  my therapist then photocopied a picture of a two-week-old fetus, which was about the size of an inch, and showed it to the girl, with a serious warning to “knock it off.”  there’s no way that fetus was kicking.

i have no idea why i just shared that story with you, but i found it really comforting sharing stories about attention-seeking people.  i don’t think it’s a great idea to lump people in categories, but in these cases, yeah i would lump all these people into a category that is titled “not worth my time or effort.”  they are “the boy who cried wolf.”

i’m gonna start another blog post right after this, cuz there’s another topic i’m dying to write about, so stay tuned!



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