ima call you on your bluff, jerk.

jerkso, there’s this guy that i know from one of my support groups.  unfortunately, i see him every week in this one support group.  his name is *****.  i would say he’s in his 50’s.  he doesn’t have a job, and for the last 15 years, he has been living off two inheritances he got.  i don’t judge people based on their employment or the way they live their life much, but just because it’s this guy, i am.  i am growing a strong disdain for him the more shenanigans he pulls to try and get my attention or win my favor.  buddy, it does NOT work.  i shouldn’t let him bug me, and the worst thing you can do to your enemies is to forgive them.  but just for right now, i absolutely cannot stand him.

messagehe texts me, hangs around me, and just finds the most annoying ways to get to me..why? i have no idea.  he has a crush on me or something, i swear. he is like the most loser-ish low life i know, and i take great pleasure in ignoring him.  he needs to go away, be quiet, and read a book or something.  anything else he does will just damage society with his idiocy.

i realize at this point you might wanna side with him since i haven’t given you examples of the ways he bugs me or the text messages i get from him throughout the week.  you probably are wondering, “cordy, are you sure you’re not imagining things?  cordy, are you sure you’re not being paranoid/delusional?  cordy, are you going through an episode?” NO.

let me just say that today he sent me a text that was particularly annoying and makes me wanna do something bad to him.  i don’t do bad things tho, so that would probly mean for me to keep on ignoring him as i always do and to keep deflecting his immature attempts at friendship. so gross.

i have high standards, buddy, and you do not reach them.. not even a little bit.  so pathetic i can’t even.

sorry, here’s to me being a cynical douche this post,



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