so satisfied right now

Screen shot 2015-09-29 at 3.52.39 PMso i’ve recently had to change the case for my iphone cuz my old case broke, and i thought i’d clean the whole thing and put on a new screen protector and all that jazz.  so i ordered a new case, 3 plastic screen protectors, and a glass one.

i tried putting on 1 screen protector and alas, air bubbles galore.

Screen shot 2015-09-29 at 3.51.57 PMbut just now, i tried applying the glass screen protector (with like a billion different stickers: 2 hinge stickers, 1 screen protector sticker, and 1 dust removal sticker). and it is just purrfect.  no air bubbles or nuthin.  highly recommend glass screen protectors, cuz the air bubbles are so much easier to push out.  forget plastic ones!

plus it’s real glass, so i feel beyond legit 🙂

feelin’ good guys, feelin’ good.  nothing as satisfying as a clean new screen protector w/o bubbles.  it’s the small things, yanno? 😉




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