classes started today

hey all,

Screen shot 2015-09-21 at 5.36.07 PMso previously, i had been attending cornell university in their hotel school (cornell’s school of hospitality administration), but i’ve been on a health leave of absence for the past couple of years.  in the meantime, i’m taking writing classes at a local community college, and the fall quarter started today.  i was hesitant going into it, because the professor who was supposed to teach it bailed, and the prof was “TBA.”  why was i hesitant? because i recently filed a pretty serious discrimination/sexual harassment case against a professor all last quarter, and the professor in question teaches the writing class i was registered for.  i would absolutely have dropped the class if she walked in the door…but she didn’t.  if she did, i would’ve greeted her and left the room without creating a fuss.  and she wouldn’t create a fuss either, if she knew what was good for her. there’s no way i’m taking another one of her classes.  she’s lucky i don’t make everything she’s done to me and other students public information.

Screen shot 2015-09-21 at 5.39.43 PMmy therapist actually urged me to take her to civil court to sue her for money and said that i could have done so successfully, but i’m letting the issue drop.  i would rather not see this woman again.  disgusting.  any negativity the professor continues to give me in terms of retaliation or just plain immaturity will go straight to the district attorney and only hurt her case more.

anyways! now i’ve got a good quarter ahead of me.  the prof that did show up is nice enough.  she’s new to california and new to the school, but has been teaching for 40 yrs.  she brings up pretty controversial topics, but let’s hope it all goes well.

hope you’re having a good monday!

signing out,



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