whoops that’s not good

Screen shot 2015-09-09 at 4.06.35 PMi just figured out that blocking someone on facebook unfriends them simultaneously.  why would this matter if i decide to block someone?  if i decide to unblock them, they are unfriended.

so, to undo the block and all the damage the block does, you also have to re-friend someone.  i know i just repeated myself, but i want you all to know, so you realize this when you decide to block someone haha what a hassle.  i would like to be able to block someone without having it be announced to them.  i believe in the idea of forgiveness, i suppose.

this all seems really petty and whatnot, but i wish the blocking process were more secretive/subtle.  now i know everyone’s gonna check facebook to see if they’re still my friend.  i only blocked like a few people a while back cuz of how they reacted to the supreme court ruling of yanno what.  but now i’m like ohhh goodness.  damage control. i’d rather avoid any form of communication with these people, but at the same time, i feel bad leaving a few of them blocked.  i dono if it’s just pity or what.

may this be a warning to you all 🙂



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