my cat Chloe

Photo on 2015-09-04 at 22.59 #2so my parents let me name my cat when we got her over 7 years ago, and i named her Chloe.  my parents then proceeded to call her Candy to this very day.  but for the purposes of consistency, i’m going with Chloe cuz that’s what i always call her.

chloe is vastly different from Pierre.  she’s extremely hard to get, and if you ever do get a chance to pet her, you know she enjoys it cuz Photo on 2015-09-04 at 22.59 #3she purrs.  so why run away at all?  i remember when i was in high school, she would voluntarily jump on my bed and massage me the way cats do.  it was endearing, but that’s so far in the past now.  i could never imagine her doing that today.

her life is so separate from ours.  i stopped keeping track of when she goes in and out of the house and what days she does Photo on 2015-09-04 at 22.59what.  i just let her be.  at the bare minimum, i buy her food, but it seems she’s sufficient hunting on her own from all the gifts she presents us: birds, rats, lizards, frogs, you name it and she hunts it.

she also barely gets along with Pierre.  i guess it doesn’t help that he bothers her incessantly, but he can’t help it.  he’s naturally nice and friendly.

chloeback before our other cat died, chloe’s behavior was much more social.   maybe she was just traumatized by the way our other cat died – getting run over by our neighbor ;( wahh.

well that’s all for the post about my cat.  there isn’t much to say about her to start with.

enjoy your labor day monday, all!



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