…but i’m scared?

Screen shot 2015-09-02 at 10.14.23 PMfirst of all, lemme start off with some surprising news.  i checked my post-vacation weight today again, and i’m back to normal….i have no idea how that happened considering i ate a donut, as i mentioned earlier today, had chipotle and other pretty high-calorie foods.  praise the lord, hallelujah at least that’s out of the way and can get off my mind.

Screen shot 2015-09-02 at 10.09.17 PM…now why am i scared and what i’m scared about? wellllllll, it’s kinda personal, but i guess this blog is meant to document my personal developments, whether they be emotional or physical.  i’m scared, cuz i’m at a point in life where i have to get out of my comfort zone and take the difficult path.  naturally, i’m sure it will pay off twofold since it requires so much exploring of uncharted territory.  i’m scared, but i’m ready.  i am SO big on self-improvement, and if this is what i need to do, i will do it to no end.  if there’s gonna be something i take seriously in life, it’s gonna be this.  my pride will rely on it, but i will grow so so much from this.  it’ll be nice reminding myself that love conquers fear, though.  i think i’m a great person and have a lot to offer.  i’m incredibly appreciative, apologetic, and admiring.  i just need someone to be all of that to.

Screen shot 2015-09-02 at 10.04.24 PMon a side note, i was listening to the radio earlier, and i would totally be into the song “here” by alessia cara, except i started paying more attention to the lyrics and what she was singing about, and i totally changed my mind.  the lyrics are ridiculous.  it makes me not ever wanna meet her in person, even if given the chance. we always assume that we would want to meet the majority of celebrities, right? but count me out on this one.  what a shame.  it’s got a great beat and everything, but it just has the worst message ever.  sorry, i’m sippin’ on that haterade right now 😛

Screen shot 2015-09-02 at 10.17.28 PMon a brighter note, it’s been such a joy passing out the souvenirs i got in Maine this past week to my loved ones.  i gave my therapist the Maine mug i got her with lobsters on it saying “fresh catch.”  i also am gonna give my cousins their gifts tomorrow.  and i gave my mom a shot glass that says “keep calm and eat lobster.”  i love getting souvenirs and mementos for people when i go on trips. i guess because it shows them i was thinking of them even while i was away.  if i feel boring, i default to getting fridge magnets or bookmarks, but i went all out this time! i’m gonna wrap it up here.

have a great night everyone, and i’ll talk to you tomorrow!



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