finally arrived! from san francisco to chicago to portland.

Screen shot 2015-08-26 at 7.22.46 PMwhat a day what a day.  i am so pleased to have met some new family members today.. well, soon-to-be family members once their daughter marries my cousin.  i connect with them on all sorts of levels.  i’ve also already had a taste of Maine’s amazing seafood.  i ordered a seafood scampi tonight at DiMillo’s in Portland, ME.  my goodness. my, my goodness. so good.  we realized we were eating on a boat like halfway through the meal, and the boat moved significantly less throughout the night as more of the guests finished eating and left.  it’s called a floating restaurant.

we rented 2 cars and are just driving and exploring.  we passed by henry wadsworth longfellow’s boyhood home, which is now turned into a museum…definitely plan to hit that up.  that’s like the one thing iii really wanna do this trip, as an aspiring writer.

i also just like spending time with my cousin and his fiance cuz they went to the manhattan school of music, and it reminds me of how deeply i connect to music…
Screen shot 2015-08-26 at 7.38.17 PMyou know just between you and me, if i had to pick my biggest talent, it would be freestyling on the piano.  they were asking me what i liked most about the piano since i don’t even remember how to read music, and i replied that the piano has so many keys, and i can play whichever ones i want to however i want to.  i don’t really need to read music someone else has come up with, i just compose my own..know what i mean?

the weather in maine is awesome.  it’s a bit humid, but that lets me wear my short sleeved button ups.

my cousin’s fiance’s parents are awesome and know portland very well, so we’re going with their plans, and i’m going with the flow.  totally trust their judgment though even after just having met them a few hours ago.

alrighty. i have just a few pics from today, but will probably post them all later.  i’ll try to pick some highlights to post here too (for those of you who don’t know me personally and aren’t my facebook friends).

Screen shot 2015-08-26 at 7.36.22 PMtake care for now.  oh and also, the research i did about maine being 96% white is absolutely correct, and my cousin, my aunt, my grandma and i are pretty much the only asians i see.  more of my family will join us tomorrow.  but it’s actually really cool seeing so many white people, i have a whole new appreciation for them.  i hope this isn’t offensive to anyone, i just think it’s amazing that everyone here is white.  i come from the san francisco bay area (silicon valley), and it’s as diverse there as it gets.  this is why it’s so great to travel.  my horizons are being broadened already.  yay go white people.

i gotta try and unwind for another day of traveling tomorrow!

good night, my friends. sweet dreams to all.



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