we certainly cannot choose our family

Screen shot 2015-08-24 at 3.33.47 PMso far, i’ve been excited for this trip to Maine in t minus two days, but it dawned on me who i was going to spend the trip with, and my spirits immediately dropped.  i won’t dwell on it much, but i’ll definitely be tuning out a lot of conversations on this trip lol.  let’s just say there will be some really big egos on the trip.  i’m not close with my dad’s side of the family, and i know them just about as much as i want to know them.  my therapist said to just sit back and be amused by it all, which is definitely my plan.  i know some people can’t be changed, and it sucks we’re stuck with them, but it’ll be okay.  the sad and pitiful part is they don’t even realize they need to be changed.  i wish i were going on this trip with other people, but hey we can’t choose our family, yanno..just gotta make the best of it.  if you’re stuck with certain people, so be it.  we certainly choose our friends and can find comfort in knowing that.  i actually don’t even wanna go at this point, but i’m sure the trip will surprise me pleasantly based on the expectations i have right now.  i’ll try my best not to be a debbie downer or a party pooper.  i’ll let someone else handle all that.

just wait and see how accurate i am.



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