it’s annoying how sensitive i am

Screen shot 2015-08-18 at 1.42.07 PMthe smallest body signal or cue or worry or anxiety will set me off.  i try to run my thoughts by someone to get it out of my head, but even when my friends/family tell me i’m being ridiculous, i still feel a bit low and affected.

i am simply so sensitive, and i’m not sure it’s a good thing. ignorance is bliss, right?  i get stuck on pleasing everyone so much that i lose sight of my own happiness.  and i get stuck on memorizing every detail people share, like a machine crunching numbers.  it’s a pretty big weakness of mine that i can only strengthen through increased exposure, and increased exposure is guaranteed to be exhausting and painful.  life is full of lessons, we just have to embrace them all – good or bad.

whatever..time to eat a lollipop and blast some music.



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