sick and tired of earphones breaking on me

so i’m really big on earphones and headphones.  i have two pairs of really nice beats noise-canceling headphones, which are worth a fortune.  however, i rarely have a chance to use them.  throughout the typical day, i carry around a pair of so-so earphones in my bag and take them out to use them a couple times a day (at work, at the gym, making phone calls, etc).  but i’ve gone through sooo many kinds of earphones (klipsch, skullcandy, beats, apple, you name it) that have all just broken over time.  i have nothing against headphones, those always seem to last forever. but that’s also because i use them much more rarely and not on the go or at the gym where they would be susceptible to breaking.  it’s earphones i have issues with.  it’s like i don’t want to spend a fortune on a pair of earphones, because they’re unreliable and always break anyways.


Photo on 2015-08-02 at 21.08 #3i’m giving into to the LG wireless bluetooth earphones.  i’ve heard great things about them. and so far, it’s only been a few minutes of using them, and i’ve already got the hang of them.  my hand has good motor memory i guess. you don’t even need to charge them daily, cuz they can last up to 10 days. they’re just super user-friendly.  so yeah, ima be looking like this hoodlum on left (haha yeah, that’s me. sorry to disappoint if you pictured me looking cooler).

but yeah. i guess this is my new look, cuz these earphones are just too darn convenient.  so get used to it!  how much did they cost me? nada.  they were a gift, so hey, i’m all for it.

i’ll give you another review in a few days to see if i still agree with myself on how awesome they are.  i’m still getting used to where all the buttons are, but so far it’s pretty intuitive and once again, user-friendly.  there’s the play/pause button, Screen shot 2015-08-02 at 8.59.55 PMforward button, back button, on/off switch (which you never need to use cuz the battery life is like dayzzzzz), voice control button, and of course, volume buttons.  and when you’re not using the earbuds, there’s two pockets on either side on the ends where the earbuds fit all snugly and perfectly.

so happy for discovering these earphones. go me for being tech savvy. maybe i should start using my apple watch at some point too.  one step at a time.

happy day 🙂



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