busy day

sorry i haven’t been able to blog today until now.

my parents said i could have the day off, so i packed my schedule with all the errands i had to do, all the people i wanted to see, and a really fun pool/clubhouse party (billiards, pingpong, tennis, hot tub, pool, recreation room, food and drink.  i wanted to make time to watch the movie “Trainwreck” tmrw by myself, but i don’t think i can swing it anymore :/  then my week is always super-packed, so i hope to have time next weekend to watch it.

i had a lot of fun interacting with everyone at the pool party i went to.  i’m pretty proud of myself for not allowing social anxiety to consume me for the majority of the time.  i just have to keep putting myself out there and let myself be surprised by everyone’s authenticity and kindness.  people are gonna be people, and you need to be able to accept anyone for who they are, because the only person it’ll take a toll on is yourself.  most of the time, people cannot change their inherent nature, so why let it bother you?

also, i’ve had a song stuck in my head for the past two days.  it’s called “Salute” by the Little Mix, which is the same english girl band who sings “Black Magic,” which i’m sure you’ve heard on the radio countless times.  i like supporting bands who aren’t from America.  like One Direction or what about S Club 7 from Australia when we were kids.

Signing out,



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